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Good jobs and adequate housing may not be easily available to those with a criminal record.


AND it’s available in seconds! Including ‘dropped’ cases! And any humiliating arrest photos!

Potential employers and landlords search your nationwide history by only using private background search companies. These employers and landlords DO NOT bother to search every clerk site, all 3,500 of them!, when searching your history to see if you’re telling the truth. Searching one clerk site takes 15 to 30 minutes. Instead, for about $30, they find out your history in all of North America in five minutes. Some of them, including landlords and condo associations, even make a profit on your application fee. They find it within seconds, even without the correct spelling of your name or any other information other than the state.

These background check companies do not find out nor do they remove the info when it is sealed or expunged.

Without erasing and removing that derogatory info, the history is still publicly available within seconds.

We developed this ability to erase and remove records because over seven years ago we experimented with having a division that was a seperate background check provider. We were affiliate of a provider, and shared arrest and clerk filing information with over 25 other background search providers. The list eventually grew to over 43, and we add their names, addresses and other contact info to our proprietary list as we learn of new providers. Even though we gave up on the background check business within months of starting it, we learned that we could erase the derogatory information and help with removing those humiliating arrest/mugshot photos as well.

As far as we are aware, we are the only provider in Florida that has that contact list, and we offer the ‘Erase and Removal’ services as an optional, but most important tool for our clients to take advantage of once their Sealing or Expungement Order comes back from the Clerk.

With Erasing or Removing that Info, the full purpose of sealing or expunging one’s record cannot be realized. It’s actually a waste of time and money to Seal or Expunge for most, as your history is NOT searched on the Clerks’ or any other governmental site, but instead on private Background Search companies’ data banks, or on their internet portals.

Remember that, when your record is Sealed or Expunged, the background check companies do not check, nor are they motivated to remove the arrest information they already have for sale, AND the clerk is unaware of who has your record. So, therefore, these background and Internet data companies never find out its sealed, expunged and now private and not to be shared or published, unless a company like ours knows how to reach them with proper documentation and send a demand that it be removed, erased, never shared nor ever republished.

If you are shopping around for other providers, ask them if they can remove the records from background check companies or the humiliating arrest photos and other info from the internet. If they say ‘it’s automatic’, ask them specifically how it works. There’s no such thing as ‘automatic’ in these circumstances! That should be a good indicator if they know what they are doing or just want to make a sale, and whether thet truly can complete the job in the only way that will really benefit your long term employability, improve your housing options and business and social opportunities.

Help those with prior criminal conviction  
Provide help with employment and housing placement WHILE the process is ongoing.  
Can start while you are still on probation.  
Will beat competitors’ pricing.  
No court appearance will be likely or even necessary.  
No office visit needed.  
Can erase and remove your criminal case history after it is sealed or expunged.  
State wide coverage.  
Can remove criminal case history from internet and background checks.  

Then ask them if they are willing to do it for $50 down and $50 a month.
Ask them if they help those with a prior criminal conviction, as we are often able to help accomplish.
Ask them if they provide help with employment and housing placement WHILE the process is ongoing.
Ask them if they can start while you are still on probation.
Ask them if they will beat competitors’ pricing.
Ask them if a court appearance will be likely or even necessary,
AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask them if they can erase and remove your criminal case history after it is sealed or expunged. Ask them specifically for the address of any background search provider or a copy of their letters to them that they have sent prior on behalf of a client.

We have been specializing in these efforts for hundreds of clients in the past, and have knowledge and capabilities, as well as low pricing and payment flexibility that most do not possess or are able or willing to offer.

Call now, 786-EXPUNGE (7863978643) for your FREE EVALUATION, and a detailed explanation of all the services and options we offer.

(We began concentrating on the sealing and expunging process over 12 years ago as a separate department of a criminal law office in South Florida. We and the attorneys soon realized that court appearances were rarely if ever necessary, and if the lawyer was eliminated from the process, we could provide the services statewide AND do it for almost half the price, and be much more flexible with payment options, as well as being much more available for communications throughout the day, and after hours)

The Sealing and Expungement process is complicated, confusing and time-consuming; requiring over 21 steps and six government agencies, and it can all be handled by an office skilled to assist you in the processing. Fortunately, the sealing or expunging of your criminal record does not require in-court representation, nor is the process accelerated by hiring an expensive lawyer. No need for a lawyer, no need to pay extra to deal with one, and our fees are usually hundreds of dollars less, with flexible payments, in some instances only $50/month! Please review Legal parameters on the reverse side. Our office is dedicated to helping you to improve your employability, public reputation and financial health, in an inexpensive and convenient manner.

Our Mission:

§ Seal or Expunge your criminal record;

§ Erase background checks and internet data including arrest photos; and

§ Create opportunities for better jobs and housing for you and your family

We offer Free evaluations and low down payments, with easy monthly payment terms specifically geared to your financial situation. All COMMUNICATIONS ARE FREE! START NOW! Pick up the phone, invest five minutes for your future. Let’s talk about creating a path to better opportunities!

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