Do-It Yourself Kits

Many of those seeking to clear their criminal record, and who have had frustration finding a good job and adequate housing, don’t have the funds to pay for our office to do the processing. In response to that need, we have begun offering a low-priced ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF” Kit for those with the time, gumption and inclination to try themselves to seal and/or expunge their criminal record in Florida.

Not only will you get a FREE evaluation of your eligibility, and the benefit of years of our experience doing these throughout the state, but we provide you with a detailed, step-by-step manual, with more than 15 forms, letters, applications and petitions you will likely need to smoothly complete the process yourself, in as short a time as possible. We will be there for you, to give technical support, to answer questions and to help you with your processing if things get frustrating. We will provide you with a list of fees and expenses for your Judicial District as well. For all of this we charge only $99.95, delivered, and usually within three (3) business days.

The manual and forms is derived and compiled from years of experience successfully sealing and/or expunging our clients’ criminal records. Of course, if things should get too frustrating or overwhelming, we can resume the processing for you, and charge a reduced fee, with payments available, and only for the work that is needed for us to complete the process, and you still get a credit for the $99.95 that you already paid us. Any unpaid expenses to the Courts, the Police Department or the FDLE will remain your responsibility.

So–you now have a choice–use our experienced bilingual staff to do the whole process for you, at a reasonable fee with a low down payment and easy partial payments, or order our complete Do-It-Yourself Kit for $99.95, delivered, and complete the process yourself.

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