Expunge Arrests

A quick review:

  • Employers and landlords do background checks to search everywhere about your honesty, potential for trouble and liability;
  • They do not bother to search Court Clerk sites, which would be impossible, as there are over 3500 online in the USA;
  • Those searching your criminal history use nationwide background search companies or Internet data providers;
  • They can efficiently get your entire record, anywhere in North America, within minutes, usually for less than $30;
  • Background companies collect and compile all arrest data, filed cases, and arrest photos, to share with affiliates, or sell for profit;  Data = money!
  • Background search companies do not bother to review Clerks’ records to see what happened to your cases;  They aren’t motivated to remove data that      they could otherwise sell;
  • Once collected, the Clerks do not know, or care, who has that data, nor do they try to contact who might be sharing it. They don’t know their addresses;
  • Clerks do not know who has your record, nor do they publicize or broadcast into cyberspace that your record was sealed, expunged or no longer ‘public’;
  • Even cases dismissed after three hours over 20 years ago are still easily available online and in background searches;
  • Sealing or expunging criminal charges only removes them from Government records, not background checks or the internet;
  • Sealing or expunging records, without also removing them from all background searches, is a waste of your time and money.

Fortunately, after doing this exclusively for over seven years, and formerly operating as an affiliate of a background check provider, we know which companies to inform, and how to make the demand to remove those sealed or expunged records from those background search providers, and the Inter​net providers, including the arrest/mugshot photo companies. There are almost 50 in total, and we’ve been successful in removing derogatory data from all of them for our customers, whether or not we’ve completed their sealing or expungement processing. Some of them have found out that despite paying a thousand dollars and waiting months and months for the process to be completed, their record was still easily available to the public, to potential employers, and to landlords. That is the crucial step that other sealing and expungement firms, including lawyers, do not know how to do, or even offer to their clients.  Some of them charge twice what we do just for a sealing or expungement only, and do not know how to get them off background searches or the internet afterwards. They ​are not as affordable, do not offer low down payments, nor flexible payment plans, sometimes with extra discounts. AND they can’t erase or remove it from background check companies or the Internet!​

We are one of the only firms specializing in this subject that can also erase and remove this damaging info from background searches and the internet. Sealing and expunging just is not enough anymore.

Fortunately, in the last 7 years we have accumulated the names and addresses of over 40 of Florida and the nation’s leading background search providers, and we use this exclusive, protected info to help our customers.  Without notifying background and Internet data providers, you are wasting your time and hard-earned money on only sealing or expunging your record from the Clerk’s files.

Potential employers, landlords, trade schools, potential social and business connections can easily find this information and prevent you from getting employed, your family from getting adequate housing, and you reaching your scholastic, professional and financial potential.  You may never know why you didn’t get that needed job, desired housing, or business opportunity.  It very likely will continue to present serious hurdles to your personal ​achievement and financial security forever, unless you do something to correct this unfair situation. Even if you paid the price for this mistake, you, your spouse, and even any future children will be forever punished because these records are available!  We sympathize with this injustice, and we want to help you — easily, professionally and affordably.

ITS TIME TO THRIVE, not just survive!  You have control of your future! Only you can make it better–for yourself and your family. Start now!

EVALUATIONS OF ELIGIBILITY ARE FREE.  With NO OBLIGATION. It takes less than five minutes to determine if we can be helped. If we can’t help you, we tell you immediately. Contrary to what you may have been assuming, we may be also able to help with those who have certain convictions in their background.  We may also help with restoring your civil rights.

Call now! 786-EXPUNGE (786-397-8643) for your FREE EVALUATION.  It takes less than five minutes.  There is no charge unless we can help you.

Our fees are always reasonable, and we beat all out competition, in pricing, discounts and flexible long-term, payment options. And we want to help you get the process started as easily and cheaply as possible.