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The Sealing or Expungement, and then Erasing of your Criminal Record from Public and Private Searches

With everyone’s criminal background information readily available on the Internet and background check company searches, and readily open to the public, it is becoming more crucial and advantageous to have your criminal record sealed and/or your arrest record expunged. We may be able to help seal and expunge your criminal records from Government records, BUT, most importantly, ERASE and REMOVE your record from background searches and the internet data providers, including from “mug shot” type & arrest data sites. For the sake of your employment an housing options, and for future business and social opportunities, you must keep it private and away from the prying eyes of potential employers, landlords, businesses and nosey individuals. Let us help you put this sad chapter behind you!


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Unfortunately, many are finding that good jobs and adequate housing are not available to those with a criminal record, even a dismissed charge from over 30 years ago. That is unfair to you and to your family, and we want to help you fix this frustrating situation. Even if your case was dropped, dismissed or Adjudication was Withheld, UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD SEALED OR EXPUNGED, IT STAYS IN PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENT RECORDS FOREVER.

However, even if your record was sealed or expunged, your records are also still available through over 40 Background check companies and Internet data providers, including those humiliating arrest/mugshot photos! In five seconds! Even without the correct spelling of your name!

Unfortunately, many find out that, even after paying up to $1000 to a law firm to seal or expunge their record, it is still available from background search providers and Internet data sites. BUT, we are one of the only providers that have the capacity to ERASE AND REMOVE your record from these companies if they’ve been sealed or expunged, keeping them completely private and hidden away from the searches of potential employers, landlords, business and social prospects, and nosy individuals. We can also help restore your legal rights.

We charge half the typical law firm’s fee for an eligible sealing or expungement. We help you check your eligibility for free, and you can start with a low down payment, with an easy payment plan, AND be able to erase and remove your records from where they are searched — background check companies and the Internet.


Sealing or expunging your record is important, as it insures that your criminal history regarding those charges and/or crimes will forever remain secret, and unavailable to public scrutiny and most private background checks. Also, once your criminal record is sealed or expunged, you will be able to answer “No” to all questions, including employment applications, regarding that past criminal activity. And, if you choose  to take advantage of our erase and removal capabilities, you will not have to be concerned with public or private companies ever finding out about them. We may even be able to help those with convictions in their history.

The procedures are complicated and time-consuming, involving sometimes 6 different uncoordinated government agencies and up to 23 separate steps, and best left to our office professionals skilled in every aspect of its processing and able to help you to petition your Judge. Throughout Florida, we have helped our clients seal and expunge their records, erase and remove them from background search checks and the Internet, and restore their rights.

  • Seal or expunge your criminal record;
  • Remove criminal arrest records from background check and internet searches, including “mug shot” type posts;
  • Help you find better jobs, better business and social opportunities, and better housing options for your family; and
  • Restore your Civil Rights

We are available 24/7. Our fees are always reasonable and competitive. We take low down payments and easy payment plans specifically geared toward your financial situation.



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